• Perodua Front Brake Pads for Viva 04465 18R01

    A brake pad lies between the rotor and the caliper to reduce the level of friction
    from metal on metal. Over time, the pads need replacing. When a driver applies the brakes, they may hear a screeching sound, or the vehicle pulls to one sign.
    These are indications that the pads are worn

  • Perodua Myvi Bosch Windshield Wiper Set

    Perodua Myvi Bosch Windshield Wiper Set

    #One set two wipers

    -Bosch Advantage
    -Bosch Clear Advantage
    -Bosch Aerotwin Retrofit / Flat

    Bosch Wiper Blades: value for money, reliable performance.

    A clear view of the road is essential to safe driving and Bosch has been pioneering developments in wiper blade technology for decades. Bosch wipers and its specially formulated wiping edge allows the wiper blade to withstand harsh weather, rust and wear. Its riveted joint system also increases frame stability, providing for longer, more even wear of the rubber blades.

    Features & Specs:

    • Fits 95% of ASEAN Vehicles
    • Hassle-free with easy installation
    • Performs as good as new even after 200,000 wipe cycles
    • All weather wiping performance
    • Smooth & silent operation
    • Natural Rubber with exclusive Graphite Treatment, precision-cut wiping edge for the tropical climate
    • Consistent wipe-quality throughout its lifetime


    Order Processing Time: Ready to ship out in 3 – 5 working days (exclude Sat & Sun)
    Delivery Charges – West Malaysia: RM5 + RM1 for extra item
    Delivery Charges – East Malaysia: NOT AVAILABLE
  • Perodua oil filter

    Perodua Oil Filter 15601 00R01

    The oil filter stops impurities in the oil which are passed on from the combustion chamber and are created during the friction of the engine parts that are working together. If not for the filter, the contaminated oil would increase the wear of the moving parts, which would directly increase the risk of engine damage.

  • Perodua Oil Filter 15601 00R02 (For Newer Perodua Car Model Only)

    Perodua Genuine Oil Filter for Aruz / Axia / Bezza / Myvi 3rd Generation (For newer Perodua car model only)
    Competitive pricing from a trusted seller.
    97.5% efficiency
    Holds up to 13 grams* of dirt

  • REMCO Graphite Tech Wiper Blade Perodua Myvi Old Lagi Best D20NGen Wiper (20″+16″)

    Driving in the rain especially heavy downpour, can be one of the most difficult driving situations that driver encounters.

    REMCO Wiper Blade engineered to perform in all different types of weather condition and sharpen your visibility.

    The flatter aerodynamic shape design blade is able to clean your windshield efficiently.



    – 30 Days Unconditional Return Policy

    – Nano Graphite Technology

    – High Quality Silicone

    – UV & Heat Resistance

    – Silicone Blades is Cleaner then normal rubber wiper

    – Wide variety of sizes

    – Plug and Play


    Order Processing Time: Ready to ship out in 3 – 5 working days (exclude Sat & Sun)
    Delivery Charges – West Malaysia Exclude Klang Valley: FLAT RATE RM10
    Delivery Charges – West Malaysia Klang Valley FLAT RATE RM10, FREE SHIPPING MIN SPEND RM70
    Delivery Charges – East Malaysia: FLAT RATE RM20


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