• Eni i-Sint Ultra 5W30 Fully Synthetic Gasoline Engine Oil (4L)

    Eni i-Sint Ultra 5W30 is a top synthetic lubricant designed for lubrication of petrol or diesel fueled cars and light commercial vehicles whose maintenance intervals are in accordance with the maintenance procedures prescribed by the Manufacturers.

    • Eni i-Sint Ultra 5W30 ensures excellent cold starts and best lubrication of the engine
    mechanical parts even at particularly low temperatures.
    • The particular characteristics of the raw materials included in the formulation help to
    maintain the engine performance unchanged due to the lubricant protection against wear
    and formation of deposits.
    • The high viscos metric qualities of Eni i-Sint Ultra 5W30 ensure the best lubrication conditions of the mechanical components of the engine in any operating condition as well as ensuring
    a reduction of friction phenomena, resulting in fuel saving and positive effects on carbon
    dioxide (CO2) pollutant emissions a the exhaust.
    • The presence in the formulation of low volatility components and simultaneously high
    thermal stability dramatically reduces oil consumption.
    • Eni i-Sint Ultra 5W30 resists deterioration, especially if resulting from oxidation due to exposure to high temperatures in the presence of air and other agents.

    • API SP

    🇮🇹 Original Italy Premium Oil
    💯 Authentic Genuine Product
    *Shipment not available for East Malaysia

    Order Processing Time: Ready to ship out in 3 – 5 working days (exclude Sat & Sun)
    Delivery Charges – West Malaysia: RM 8
    Delivery Charges – East Malaysia: Not available



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