Hüper Optik Solar Protection Package 2 from RM2,280 (Special Offer: 40% for Limited Time)


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Brand: Hüper Optik
Category: Hüper Solar Protection 2: X3 Ceramics (C40, C70)
Model (Product inclusive in the package): Hüper Solar Protection 2

FWS  – C70

Sides – C40

RWS – C40

*Reference: FWS – Front Windshield, Sides – 4 side windows, RWS – Rear Windscreen

Product Warranty: 5 Years
Car Variant Type Available Package: Normal Saloon

Special Rate only on Auto2u: RM2,280

Normal Rate: RM3,800



Special Rate only on Auto2u: RM2,400

Normal Rate: RM4,000



Special Rate only on Auto2u: RM2,520

Normal Rate: RM4,200


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  • Hüper Optik is more than great technology. As pioneers of their field, Hüper Optik Ceramic Series Films are designed for extraordinary performance as their nano-ceramic technology does not succumb readily to corrosion or fading. This exceptional quality for durability makes them the undisputed choice of ultra-durable window film products that reduce heat, UV rays, glare, and fading to interior upholstery.
  • Hüper Optik™ X3 Ceramic series is constructed with additional layers of Ceramic, where ordinary ceramic coatings commonly available in the market only have typically one layer. The added layers allow the X3 Ceramic series to outperform single-ply ceramics by increasing Infra-Red heat rejection and durability properties whilst lowering Visible Light Reflectance (VLR) to levels unattained by conventional ceramics
  • The benefits of Huper Optik® Nano-ceramic series films are:
  1. Extraordinary Heat rejection performance
  2. Superb Durability
  3. Low visible light reflectance
  • Hüper Optik Traditional Series introduces Klassisch and Klassisch Black, delivering aesthetics and affordability without compromising on heat rejection performance.Hüper Optik Klassisch & Klassisch Black Series films offer a refreshing alternative to conventional metallized window films by combining outstanding performance with a selection of sophisticated shades. Klassisch Black series adds a veil of mystery with its carbon black tone to any windows, making it a favorite to many
  • These films provide high heat rejection while still maximizing the use of natural daylight and providing a clear view of the outside world.


Product Specifications:

X3 Ceramics Series

Ceramic 70

Ceramic 40

Visible Light Transmission (%):



Visible Light Reflectance (%)



Shading Coefficient



Total Solar Transmission (%)



Infrared Rejection (%)



UV Light Rejection (%)



Total Solar Energy Rejection (%)




Select Series CSS 40
Visible Light Transmission (%) 40
Visible Light Reflectance (%) 13
Shading Coefficient 0.5
Total Solar Transmission (%) 38
Infrared Rejection (%) 70
UV Light Rejection (%) 99
Total Solar Energy Rejection (%) 48




  • Price quoted above excluding sunroof and old tint removal. 
  • 5 Years limited product warranty. 



  • Installation at Smart Window (M) Sdn Bhd -HQ only. Installation at other outlets is available with surcharge apply. 15-G, Jalan Perubatan 2, Pandan Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. 
  • Advanced booking of appointments is needed. T. 03 4280 9049 

Shipping States: Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia), Perak (Malaysia), Johor (Malaysia), Penang (Pulau Pinang) (Malaysia), Kelantan (Malaysia), Kedah (Malaysia), Pahang (Malaysia), Perlis (Malaysia), Malacca (Melaka) (Malaysia), Terengganu (Malaysia), Putrajaya (Malaysia), Selangor (Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Sabah (Malaysia), Labuan (Malaysia), Sarawak (Malaysia)

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Hüper Optik Solar Protection Package 2 from RM2,280 (Special Offer: 40% for Limited Time)


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