• WIFEY CAR BODY SHAMP00 950ML 100% ORIGINAL 【Wash & Wax 2 in 1】Buy 1 get 1 FREE【Wifey Air Freshener】House Brand Freshener

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    Delivery Charges – West Malaysia: FLAT RATE RM10
    Delivery Charges – East Malaysia: FLAT RATE RM7

    ✅Dilution 1:200
    ✅Wash & Wax 2 IN 1
    ✅Suitable for Car Coated
    ✅PH Balanced
    ✅Hydrophobic effect

    WIFEY Car Body Shampoo is a premium car wash shampoo that formulated using premium grade ingredients with high foaming will gently clean the paint. Leaves a deep glossy shine while offering additional wax protection. This formula is PH BALANCED and 100% safe to your vehicle.

    【HOW TO USE】:
    1.WIFEY Car Body Shampoo mixed with water 1:200 water, beat up to create bubbles. (3-4 caps for 1 car).
    2. Spray water to remove dust or dirt from the surface of the car.
    3. Use a wash mitt to dip the mixed product. And wipe clean all over from the top of the car to the bottom.
    4. Rinse the water again, then use a clean to dry the surface of the car.

    【IN THE BOX】:
    ✅WIFEY Car Body Shampoo X 1
    ✅WIFEY Aurora – Manja X 1 (House Brand Freshener)


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